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During the call with the customer, the employee sees all the necessary information about the interlocutor (this information is display automatically even before answering the incoming call). Thanks to this, consultants can personalize customer service and be better prepar to solve their problems. Click Dial also allows you to termine the result of the conversation and analyze the activities carri out. The integration of CRM with CTI means not only improv communication with customers and a higher level of service. The extension is a guarantee of time savings and optimization of both customer interaction and consultants’ work (bas on available reports and call recordings).

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Finding the right person for the job is often a task for many weeks,  you ne a person with specific competences. Your HR partment will appreciate the support provid by integration with Target Recruit. This plugin is actually a fully Bulgaria Mobile Number List customizable system for tracking and communicating with job candidates. It makes it easier to find the right people, invite them to apply, and even onboarding after the recruitment process is complet. With the help of Target Recruit, you can match candidates to specific positions, introduce new employees to the database and create graphics and settlements. image sourc BRAINSHARK It is a solution whose main goal is to improve the skills and competences of your sales team.

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Seamless access to training, coaching and content relevant to sales. Everything, of course, directly in your Salesforce CRM. The application also supports the onboarding of new employees, improving their qualifications and planning velopment UK Email Database paths. With its help, you can easily support the velopment of your salespeople, marketers and customer service specialists. image source TABLEAU It is one of the best solutions for data analysis in your company. Tableau’s capabilities are very large, and what is particularly important, this platform allows you to analyze data stor in various places and formats.

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