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Google algorithms are responsible for analyzing the content available on the Internet They are able to detect possible duplications, which may result in imposing a penalty on the site or other negative consequences. It should be not that duplication of content does not have any advantages. Therefore, it should be avoid at all costs in order to satisfy search engine robots provide original content to your audience. Types of duplicate content Content duplication can manifest itself in two different ways. It is divid into internal duplication external duplication Their specificity lies mainly in the method of formation the place of occurrence. To better underst both types, let’s take a closer look at them.

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Division of duplication into internal external Internal duplication Internal duplication is a situation where the same or very similar content is locat on different subpages within one website Czech Republic Phone Number List This can be caus by various factors such as Copying content from one subpage to another, Creating pages with the same content but with different URLs, Incorrect use or complete lack of use of rirects. As you can see, internal duplication does not always have to involve intentional duplication of content. It may also happen that your pages contain inadvertent errors in technical optimization, resulting in duplicates.

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External duplication External duplication, on the other h, involves duplicating content from other websites on your website It usually occurs during Illegal copying of the entirety of other people’s texts, Using fragments of articles without quoting the UK Email Database author, Adding the same content to the website social mia. It should be not that external duplication can occur in two variants. In the first of them, you copy other people’s content to your website. However, there may also be a situation where another site duplicates your content. Why is duplicate content harmful? Duplicate content is harmful mainly for two reasons.

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