10 ideas to enrich your web pages

In this article, Kevin Benabdelhak , freelance graphic designer at K-Graphite , simply offers you to (re) discover 10 HTML elements  to publish on your website to optimize your natural referencing and enrich your content.

What is an HTML element

If you are new to web development, then here is an introduction to HTML elements. By mastering HTML language tags, you can: An HTML India Phone Number List element is a tag used to structure the content of a web page. It is a piece of code that defines a specific piece of content and gives it meaning…

HTML elements include headings, paragraphs, lists, links, images, tables, and forms. Of course, each HTML element has a specific purpose on a web page. This is what we will see together.

How do HTML tags work

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Each of the HTML tags consists of a name, one or more attributes and specific content. For example, to insert an image on a web page, you use the <img> tag. It is possible to specify additional options in the form of HTML attributes. HTML attributes are simply UK Email Database additional information about the element and can include style, class, and content information. For example, here is how to display our image:

There are several types of HTML tags, some are dedicated to the structure of your page, and others specific to content. Here are the types of HTML tags used very frequently and accompanied by some examples.

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