Prepare the ground carefully to propel your pop-up store

Before you even start promoting your pop-up store, do some market research to find the perfect venue and make sure it meets all of your criteria. For this, check with your current customers or with your potential customers. For this, nothing better than qualitative or quantitative questionnaires .

, choose a store with a lot of traffic. So go ask the passers-by around this store.  then location is less important. It can be a more intimate place with little traffic, at the back of the courtyard or less accessible. You don’t necessarily need to have a storefront. In particular, you will be able to question your customers in the context of in-depth interviews. Your objective is to determine the needs and problems of the latter, by asking open-ended questions.

At the end of this preparation, you will have

To find the ideal place, take into account all these parameters: Location:  generally, pop-up shops try to position themselves in a central place, visible with a lot of traffic. Conversely, some brands decide to play the rarity card, by placing their showroom in China Phone Number List a location that is not very accessible, that only those interested will know. The rental price:  this is certainly the most blocking point of your choice. Set yourself a maximum budget based on your goals. This price is conditioned to the rental market.

Deploy your communication channels to attract crowds to your pop-up store

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 short-term rental greatly limits your financial risks, compared to the rental of a traditional commercial space, the lease of which is scheduled UK Email Database for 9 years (and cancellable every 3 years only). The chosen location is central to your success. It will also be at the heart of your communication. How to Build Your Online Sweatshirt Brand That Will Be Envious?

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