From where to create your GA4 account

On Universal Analytics, you created your account from the site  and by following the creation wizard. For GA4, you open your account on the Google Analytics website. You can also create it from your Google Ads account or your Firebase account. This simplifies the process if you use these platforms.

GA4 offers new configuration options to further customize your account. For example, you have access to many advanced options: Audiences can also be created in GA4, making it easier to target and track specific segments.

Configuring GA4 Properties

Let’s take a look at the key differences in configuring GA4 properties versus Universal Analytics.

On Universal Analytics, you configured your properties from Goals, Views, and Filters.

In GA4, properties are defined using “dataflows” which will collect data from different sources.

These data streams provide a more flexible Brazil Phone Number List approach to data collection. For example, you track both your website and mobile app traffic within a single property.

In addition, to meet your specific needs, GA4 offers further customization of your properties: Finally, Google Analytics 4 models data through artificial intelligence to better understand your users’ behavior and predict conversions.

 Declaration of data flows

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Data feeds play an essential role in the collection of data on Google Analytics 4. Data feeds in GA4 are used to collect data from different UK Email Database sources: websites, mobile applications, advertising platforms… Therefore, each GA4 property can have multiple data streams.

Thus, you can consolidate and manage data from different sources in a single interface. In Universal Analytics, you used views . In GA4, the notion of view no longer exists. Data collection is done through dataflows, which are configured for each data source.

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