In many cases business owners only track macro conversions. As a result, they receive the following information about the customer: Visit the site No data Purchas the product It is similar in the case of acquiring contacts from potential customers: Went to the site No data Call Most often, what a conversion looks like is determin by the advertising goal we set for ourselves. Two examples are given below. If your advertising goal is to increase the visibility of the promotion, conversions will be the display of a subpage with information about the promotion. Then we are dealing with a macro conversion.

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However if you decide to increase the a bit you decide that the conversion will be “minimum seconds on this subpage”, then such a conversion will be call a macro conversion. The previously mention subpage display will become a micro conversion. On the Netherlands Phone Numbers List other h, if your advertising goal is to increase online sales. Your macro conversion will be “Transaction”. Let’s assume that a typical path to accomplish this conversion looks like this: Entering the website Displaying the category page Displaying the product page Pressing Add to Cart Filling in the shipping details Purchase confirmation Payment Thank you page for the purchase Transaction.

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The Transaction macro conversion

Just a shallow image of the micro conversion sequence that the user has perform. The essence of measuring micro conversions, especially in the second example, is that they allow us to track at which stage the user gave up further actions did UK Email Database not finalize the purchase. Such knowlge allows us to improve the operation of the store allows us to better underst the nes of our customers. Why measure a conversion? Conversion is one of the most important elements in assessing the effectiveness of marketing activities. As mention earlier, it expresses the degree to which your advertising goals have been met. Combining conversion data  on your website gives you the opportunity to underst whoare, what they want what they think.

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