Go meet your customers

 If the majority of your e-commerce site’s customers are in Paris or Marseille, it may be beneficial to reach out to them by opening a pop-up store. This objective has great advantages, because you already know your customers. Your communication will then be much easier. In this case, with the opening of this pop-up, you renew the user experience.

Organize a promotional event

If your goal is to retain your customers, while bringing new customers to you, take the opportunity to offer gifts or to invite an influencer , or even a France Phone Number List celebrity to your store for a signing evening.

It can be a Christmas market, a large fair or even the opening of a concept store during the 2024 Olympics. The idea is to meet seasonal demand.

Test the opening of a physical store

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If you want to expand your e-commerce with physical stores, go through an intermediate period with a short-term rental. Thus, you will check if UK Email Database there is a growth opportunity for your business. You limit your financial investment and you test one or more places before finding the ideal space.

Note:  it is often possible, once the address has been validated, to transform this short-term rental into a long-term rental afterwards. This is the main purpose of this type of contract called “ precarious lease ”. Many stores have developed a hybrid model by selling in-store and online.

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