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Information about which will be updat on an ongo basis, not only on holidays. Cloud in customer service An important trend combin customer service and telesales. Which has been observ for several years, is cloud comput technology . Everyth indicates that the next year will also be mark by the cloud, but not a passive, but a fully conscious transition to solutions in this mol, tak into account their technological and functional potential. In my opinion, the cloud will also be a significant impulse to switch from outsourc call contact center services to own implementation. Client and social mia Social mia cannot be overlook when consir upcom trends. Along with the grow popularity of Facebook or Twitter.

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We are al with the popularization of the Social Mia Care . This relatively new trend in communication has a huge potential, which may be fully reveal. Next year and will direct think about contact with the recipient on a completely new track.Along Bulgaria Mobile Number List with the velopment of communication technologies and thanks to wir and more common It’s about, about suppliers of electricity, gas, access to the Internet, preferences regard the ways of contact customers with suppliers are chang. The phone is no longer the only tool through which customers orr products, services or report problems.

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The are start to play an increasly important role. They set new trends in customer-supplier communication. Test the Focus Contact Center comprehensive communication platform for free > TREND – THE PHONE IS LOSS UK Email Database IMPORTANCE The telephone is los importance in favor of Internet communication tools. Recent research commission by Poczta Polska by Homo Homini the results were present at the Economic Forum in Krynica in September show that already out of young people in Poland, ag – , want to use the Internet in contact with mass service provirs.

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