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Personal data laid down in the GDPRGDPR in relation to electronic data that qualify as personal data. The ePrivacy Regulation is to repeal and replace the exist Directive EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of July on the process of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector (Directive on the protection of privacy and electronic communications) – because it does not fully keep pace with technological velopment and market reality. The ePrivacy Regulation together with the GDPR GDPR are to jointly create a harmoniz legal system for the process of personal data, online privacy and electronic services.

The text of the ePrivacy regulation

May be subject to multiple changes, but it is to become applicable simultaneously with the GDPRGDPR, on May . General information – lawyer’s comment The draft e-Privacy regulation has met with mix reception. It is impossible not to agree South Africa Mobile Number List with the position of the European Commission, which recogniz that the protection of privacy in electronic communications provid on the basis of Directive EC is insufficient, outdat and does not keep pace with technological changes. Changes in this area are certainly necessary in line with new forms of online communication, innovative tools for track the activity of Internet users and ensur greater protection against spam.

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However there are voices in the business

Community that the ePrivacy Regulation will have a very negative impact on the competitiveness and innovativeness of Polish entrepreneurs from the digital sector: telecommunications operators, Internet service provirs and Internet content UK Email Database provirs, as well as entrepreneurs from the e-market industry. Organizations work for entrepreneurs also argue that the draft ePrivacy regulation contains solutions inconsistent with the general principles and solutions includ in the GDPR. A common position on the project was present by the follow organizations: Internet Industry Association IAB Poland, Polish Chamber of Commerce.

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