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If you want to learn how to sign an IVR well. Read this article. Control the control panel yourself You have full control over the configuration of the virtual telephone exchange, without the ne to pay expensive specialists. You can set all PBX operat parameters (rirections, IVR, work hours, etc.) yourself through the administration panel available via the Internet. From anywhere in the world and from any computer. Take care of your safety If your phone is an important source of contact with customers, both new and exist, it must be available at all times. In the event of a power failure or a fire in your office (which we do not wish you, of course), the traditional stationary PBX will stop work.

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Service available via the Internet, which makes it. Always work – you will be able to use it, for example, from home, from any computer or mobile phone. Learn more about the security of cloud solutions by read this article – although it concerns the contact Ukraine Mobile Number List center service, many of the scrib cases are universal. Grow without obstacles At some point – and we are root for you – you will want to expand your business. Hire new people, open a new branch. In the case of a traditional, landline telephone exchange, this would require buy another “cabinet. Add more cables, sign a contract with the telephone operator in the new office. Cost time hassle.

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With the virtual head office you do not have this problem – you  and “plug” them into the system. They can start work right away. Are you look for information about the virtual PBX and telephony system in your company? Read these articles: Why do UK Email Database most companies choose a VoIP phone? Virtual or stationary exchange in the company? reasons why you ne to know the statistics of telephone calls in the companyThe ticket system – a system for handl customer requests – increases the spe and quality of service, mak customers more satisfi and more likely to buy from you and recommend you to others.

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