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Therefore it is not recommend to send a mass number of invitations to rom people. Conducting sales activities Thanks to the large number of users, the LinkIn platform is a great place to conduct sales activities The service allows you to effectively reach a group of potential customers who meet the requirements you specify. This can then translate into generating quality leads Users provide a lot of valuable information on their profiles, bas on which you can verify whether they may be interest in your offer. In addition, on this portal you can contact the decision-makers of many companies. In addition to conducting active sales activities, it is also important to appear on LinkIn as a company. This can help to increase br awareness.

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It affects the general familiarization of users with the products services it offers. This factor may ultimately bring an increase in sales results It is therefore worth taking advantage of the opportunities offer by LinkIn start promoting your company on it. To improve Kenya Phone Number List your sales opportunities, it is worth looking at the Social Selling Index It helps in building a good image increasing the effectiveness of sales activities. You can read more about selling on LinkIn in our previous article Sales on LinkIn – where to start? LinkIn is a great place to run social selling activities This portal has a lot of potential in this area, but it is worth knowing how to use it properly.

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Social selling with this platform, check out our article What is social selling on LinkIn how to use it? LinkIn – a source of industry knowlge By establishing relationships observing interesting people, you can reach many valuable publications Posts articles UK Email Database available on LinkIn are a rich source of industry information, curiosities news. Users also share frequently useful materials statistics. They also help each other by answering problematic questions. On LinkIn you will also find many thematic groups that relate to specific industries. In addition to meeting new people, you will be able to participate in interesting discussions. Contacting a user with whom you are in a group increases the responsiveness of a private message.

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