Ideas for New Year’s greetings, with Digital Marketing

Once the most original idea possible has been found, it is generally necessary to find a service provider to produce the object or the gift. Sometimes the giveaway can be created in-house. But in general, it’s too time-consuming a task to do in-house. So, an original New Year’s gift is often also synonymous with discovering new partners.

Laurent confirmed it to me

7 or 8 years ago, we decided to make a photo album for our customers, for happy new year wishes. We had never worked with online printers. It was a Mexico Phone Number List great discovery for us. So much so that the printer we worked with for our yearbook ended up being a client! And subsequently, we found other printing customers thanks to this first reference! Like what, even the occasion of New Year’s greetings are a business opportunity.

And of course, delight your customers

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Let’s imagine that you are one of your customers who receives his New Year’s gift.

You prefer a greeting card that was clearly bought at Super U or Carrefour or a “box” of various and varied gifts, carefully chosen by each member of your team, according to their passions, all equally interesting than the others ?

The simple act of spending a little time coming UK Email Database up with an original idea, then executing it with care and love, will delight your customers.

They will see that you have really made an effort, and this distinguishes you from the mass of other partners… who do “like everyone else” How By exceptionally activating your own professional network for them.

Here is an example of an end-of-year gift that would please many customers:

  • You contact the client (“Printing DeLuxe”) in October and suggest that his holiday gift be a communication coup for them, he gives you his agreement with a smile
  • You take advantage of the month of November to prepare everything on your side,
  • At the end of December, you spend 1 week of your marketing actions talking ONLY about your “Printing DeLuxe” client:

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