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The matter is further complicat by the fact that organizations operating in today’s business environment often use multicloud systems solutions that combine cloud services from different provirs. Such a complex system becomes an even greater challenge when it comes to ensuring security, and according to research conduct by McAfee, as many as of business users clare the use of such solutions. In the first year of operation of the AWS platform, Amazon releas different functions and tools for it. This year, over , of them have already been introduc. This is a huge challenge for employees responsible for security, who have to keep up with securing all the novelties implement by their organizations.

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Should have one security expert for each platform and service you use – only this approach will guarantee a high level of security,” comments John Yeoh, vice presint of research for the Cloud Security Alliance. Cloud data encryption Today, data Czech Republic Mobile Number List protection requires much more than the implementation of basic security technologies. Morn strategies inclu encryption of incoming and outgoing data (attransit) The type of data encryption during their transfer to/from the cloud. encryption of stor data (atrest) A type of data encryption in which protect files are stor on the disk in an encrypt form and only trust users have access to them.

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Data separation at the operating

System level The use of the socall Full Disk Encryption full disk encryption of operating systems providing services. Instead of encrypting individual files individually, the entire disk volume, including its backup, is encrypt. secure connection protocols and VPN encryption key exchange Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) a set of protocols us to implement UK Email Database secure connections and exchange encryption keys between computers, the socall VPN. Setting up an IPsec tunnel creates a secure mium for data exchange between two networks the service provir and the client. MPLS – data transmission using a shar infrastructure MPLS – a port in a Gbps switch, enabling secure implementation of an access network to services.

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