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The manufacturing industry Customers contact today in many ways, expecting that their problems nes are important to you, they expect help in orring goods or submitting a complaint yesterday. How to do it? How to communicate with a client from the manufacturing industry? Using a platform for multi-channel business communication. What problems are manufacturing companies facing today? Before we look at why how to use the platform for communication in your company, let’s look at what problems other production companies report to us. Do you see among them the challenges that your employees also face? All communication channels separately. Telephone, e-mail chat are not synchroniz in any way, which causes chaos, the same queries are solv many times by different employees, select ones are simply ignor.

Consultants work simultaneously

Mobile lline phones, so managers lose all mobile traffic out of control. They do not have the possibility of real supervision of employees or elements of their work. Separate switchboards in each location – again, causing the negative effects of lack of Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List synchronization. No monitoring/information about the number of calls receiv miss in the current PBX. This does not allow you to control the efficiency of employees aling with answering calls or how many customers we lose not answering calls from them. Lack of knowlge about the customer – no intification of the customer calling the company. It makes it impossible to personalize the service.

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Lack of contact history again

The lack of history of our contacts with the client makes it impossible to personalize the service, extends its time causes its quality to crease. Lack of management control over notifications – employees use mobile phones excel, e-mails with notifications are often lost. Such chaos causes not only a lower level of customer service satisfaction with our UK Email Database services, but also the inability to supervise plan team activities. The problem with hling a case when a given employee is not at work – a problem relat to the one scrib above. When a given employee is not in the office, due to illness or vacation (or when he leaves our company), the matters he alt with, the clients he talk to or knowlge about them are not known to the other employees.

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