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The idea of ​​creating this academy was born to meet the dems of the Albanian market in this field. She states that “in our country a large number of young people are looking for an opportunity to train practice or who want to acquire professional skills so that they can then use them in the labor market. The opportunities that the online industry offers these days are incrible. For this reason the creation of a project was born as a necessary ne which gives the opportunity to all young people to get to know become skill with the professions of the future”.”All the crit goes to Mr. Agron Shehaj who is the creator initiator founder of Link Academy strongly believes in the potential of youth as well as in the world of the online industry” says Jola.

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Tax not in box of the declaration with the amount of tax paid withheld by employers not in box of the declaration represents the amount of the obligation that the individual must pay to the tax administration for account of his annual income Belarus Mobile Number List from employment.Read: Taxation publishes national tax changesThe amount of tax calculat plac in box of the declaration in no case can be less than the tax withheld paid by the employer for income from wages bonuses relat to the current employment relationship during of the year plac in box of the declaration. In the case of individuals who have not been employ in any month of the year.

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Plac in box of the declaration is always equal to the tax withheld paid by the employer for wages rewards relat to current employment relationships during the year plac in box of the statement.Ductible expenses Taxpayers who are not subject to declaration UK Email Database  have annual gross income from all sources up to the amount of (one million fifty thous) ALL per year (indexable every year) benefit from the duction of expenses. not higher than this amount who can be declaring subjects. For the purpose of calculating the taxable income these individuals complete the annual income statement benefit from the ductible expenses as follows.

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