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In the opinion of customers, a quick response is also guarante by chat, but it is much less often perceiv as an appropriate communication channel for complex matters (CX Act )Low satisfaction with the phone in e-commerce Accord to British research, service over the phone is rat worse than service via e-mail, chat, traditional mail, mobile applications or social mia ( Customer Service Benchmark ). Main reasons for dissatisfaction with telephone service : contact with the machine – record answers, long wait time for connection, multiple switch to the right person, call costs. Of great importance here is the fact that difficult and controversial matters are relatively rarely resolv through “non-telephone.

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Self-respect customer service partment should make it a point of honor to minimize the wait time for a call and competent service, the aim of which should be to solve the problem “on the spot” (see our tips for better service – increas the First Call Denmark Cell Phone Number List Resolution level ) . Especially that the quality of service is crucial for customer loyalty, as indicat by many studies. among others international Accenture analyzes show that in as many as % of customers chang at least one service provir due to unsatisfactory service (this percentage is grow year by year)Telephone – the best source of information about the client Talk on the phone enables us to obtain a lot of valuable information about the client.

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Channel Talkative customers will be happy to share information about their family, professional situation or holiday plans, which are an ial source for creat perfectly personaliz offers – preferably in combination with data from purchase UK Email Database history, cookies and geolocation. The key issue here is the competence of the consultant conduct the interviewTo strengthen the relationship with the client – telephone In the absence of face-to-face contact, talk on the phone gives the best chance of establish an emotional relationship with the client.

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