With an online logo design platform

There are great logo design platforms  online. A website like Tailor Brands, for example, allows you to do this with remarkable ease. Simply enter the name of your business in the dedicated field, then a slogan if you wish. The platform then provides access to thousands of graphics options, fully customizable to suit your business model and preferences. Another solution is the famous Canva, which has established itself in recent years as the benchmark for custom logo creation. A simple, intuitive tool full of templates to help you with your design. The 2 solutions above also allow you to create logos for all formats: PC, mobile, tablet, social networks…

With a graphic designer

A logo maker may cost a few thousand dollars, but it helps you stand out from the competition for good.

A graphic designer is not only an excellent visual artist.

He is also there to offer you a range of South Korea Phone Number List solutions adapted to your needs, your audience and the message of your product.

Do you have some knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator?

It’s probably time to put them into practice to redesign your logo.

Who knows ? You may be your own solution.

And if you haven’t yet, there are hundreds of graphic design courses online.

audrey: thank you Matthieu for all these recommendations on the rejuvenation of a logo. I just allow myself to add that it is important to keep the visual capital that the previous logo took years to build…

questions about renewing a logo

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It is essential to review the design of your logo in order to stay up to date in the face of competition and not to give your brand an image that is too dusty. Your logo is the emblem of your product, so it must reflect its idea as faithfully as possible, and this, in the most optimal way possible to remain relevant over the years.

Logo design is one of the most important elements for search results on engines like Google. In order to float above the competition, choose a logo that speaks to the greatest number of people while remaining faithful to your brand image. Moreover, the quality of the logo leads the Google algorithm to make it appear at the top of search results.

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