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These can be, for example, free liveries above a certain orr value or typical cross-selling involving the combin sale of several complementary products. In this way, you will not only increase the value of the shopping cart on Black Friday, but also reach completely new customers to whom your partner will refer you. Black Friday can be a great opportunity to establish new partnerships launch new distribution channels. By taking the initiative preparing combin promotional offers, you can easily establish new business relationships expyour sales market. campaign work? The psychological mechanisms behind the shopping frenzy during Black Week also affect business customers. However, the B B market is very vast inclus many different industries business mols.

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Black Friday campaign has a chance of success. A Black Friday B B campaign will work if: you sell easily marketable products, the purchase of which is often repeat ( FMCG industry, consumer goods, office equipment, semi-finish products, etc.); e-commerce is your main sales channel, the level of self-service is high customers rarely ne support from Portugal Mobile Number List sellers; in recent years, your e-commerce has already experienc increas traffic during the Black Friday period, even though no marketing campaigns were carri out; you cooperate with intermiaries who can support your marketing campaign ( you liver goods to DIY stores where B B B C customers buy goods); Your customers are companies directing their offer to retail customers, which have increas mduring.

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A Black Friday B B campaign will NOT work if: the offer product solves a very specific ne, the purchase itself is not repeatable or is very rarely repeat ( spare parts for production machines); the products offer are very complicat, the customer purchasing UK Email Database path is long, the process itself requires the participation of many cision makers ( custom-sign IT systems). Are you ready for Black Friday? For many people, Black Friday marks the beginning of the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy. This is an intense time not only for the e-commerce industry, but also for its customers. It is worth taking care of positive digital experiences on the purchasing platform at this time.

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