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Thanks to this, no additional plug-ins or extensions are ne for applications such as vio conferenc, chat, sktop shar or file transfer. They are replac by a new standard built “factory” in the browser. Technology standardization work is carri out by the World Wi Web Consortium (W C) , the main web standardization institution, together with the informal group Internet Engineer Task Force , which has a huge impact on the shape of the Internet . WebRTC is an open source project start by Google in and now also support by players such as Mozilla, Microsoft and Opera.

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License which allows virtually anyone to create utility applications bas on it. How does WebRTC technology work? The principle of operation is to concentrate standard APIs and communication protocols in a web browser or Tunisia Mobile Number List application. Thanks to this, users can establish connections with each other without the ne to install additional vices, applications and infrastructure. The connection is establish in real t – voice, vio or files. Benefits of WebRTC technology Exactly – a beautiful initiative, but what does it mean for you? ) By assumption , you will communicate with anyone who uses an application or a browser bas on it.

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You don’t ne plugins, you don’t ne to install anyth. No cocs, scripts or extensions.And there will be more and more applications us WebRTC, because ) the software is releas unr a very simple license, so it spreads quickly. And it will spread because UK Email Database the biggest players in the world of technology are behind the project . Like Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, who know how to ensure that their standard is wily us. And at the same time it was safe and childishly easy to use. ) Thanks to the fact that the source co is available for free, anyone can build their own corporate communication application.

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