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Well as Abicor Binzel Inc , where he is currently as Manager in Research-Development-Design. Read: Arben Cenko, to his studies in Tirana Aleksandër Bello is years old, but his experience and ideas have nothing to do with age. It is undoubtly an enlighten mind that transcends biological age. The young man from Tirana has been working at the Whats App company in North Carolina for the past years as a software engineer. But apart from that, the company has entrust him with another important task: that of identifying and involving new talents in this field. For a boy who had studi at the “Harry Fultz” high school in Tirana, itof a giant company.

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Read Aleksandër Bello, the g for two years Luxembourg Mobile Number List in the global company. Whats App Durim Klaiqi, a student at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, at UBT and . Is part of the staff of the global company Samsung. There he holds the position of Theme Designer, thus becoming the first of this company. Klaiqi manag to become a part of this company after compiling. A portfolio that provid conceptual examples of the design style. Which was positively evaluat by the points, qualitative design and a unique design style. Klaiqi is working in the sector of the company call “Samsung Themes. Qhich is a service that offers customization of the Android device, through changing the User Interface.

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TIDINGS Updat on: admin ~ minutes UK Email Database of reading The State Inspectorate of. Labor and Social Services has establish an online matrix, which enables employers and inspectors to test the application of the law for various processes. lack of information, in real time on the procures. The ‘matrix’ aims to improve relations with businesses and ensure the transparency of decision-making by labor inspectors. This test format is offer to any subject who. After being confront with information about his situation in relation to the implementation of labor legislation, has the possibility of self-correction. This is an effective way to meet the requirements of the law.

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