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To obtain valuable information on user behavior and measure the effectiveness of your digital strategy, Google Analytics is the reference tool. With GA4, the latest version of Google Analytics, you need to understand the new possibilities compared to Universal Analytics.

his article to me during our weekly update: In Universal Analytics, you use views to create collections of data by geographic area or by business sector… On Google Analytics 4, there are no more views. Separating the data is therefore done differently, and partly during configuration. Let’s dive into the world of GA4 to find out how to configure this tool so that you can optimize your online marketing strategy.

Understand the configuration structure in GA4

Google Analytics 4 has a slightly different configuration structure than Universal Analytics .

By understanding this structure, you will Canada Phone Number List collect your data in a logical way. You also know how to effectively manage the accesses and configurations specific to each of your properties.

In GA4, your account groups your properties and manages access to data.Indeed, you have all the management of authorizations for the different teams or stakeholders.

My advice  : create one account per company (legal entity).


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Properties are where you configure specific settings for each website or app you want to track. In GA4, you have multiple properties under one account to UK Email Database organize your data. My advice  : create one property per user base. In general, this corresponds to brand or a Business Unit.

A data feed is simply a website or application that sends data to a specific GA4 property. Each GA4 property can receive multiple data streams. They will collect data from different sources: websites, mobile applications, advertising platforms…


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