As Much Asthe Competition

Such systems can be fully adapt to your nes, they will work for all types of orrs, including car, rail, air or courier services (general cargo). Morn technologies in transport: TMS TMS (Transportation Management System) systems for shipping transport management, car monitoring, routing others. It is an even more comprehensive solution that combines many functions necessary for every transport company . One of such systems is FIRETMS , some select features of the system are list below: calculation of route profitability, searching for orrs for vehicles that are currently free, payment monitoring, fleet cost analysis, automatic bt collection.

Systems supporting enterprise security

The security of every company – both online offline – is one of the priorities that we could not ignore in our list. The transport industry is fac with many different threats, therefore, the selection of tools to ensure safety is one of the key tasks. An List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu example of systems that help achieve this goal is a program for automatic verification of contractors, such as the Temida system . Due to the ease quick pace of concluding contracts with contractors, companies sometimes start cooperation with enterprises that are far from a stable position, thus may turn out to be insolvent. Such a situation can be avoid by the use of systems using artificial intelligence , which will quickly check the solvency of a given contractor.

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IT systems for communication with

The client Another category of technologies us in the transport industry is communication with customers contractors. Extremely important communication processes, which are only a part of the organizationally complex activities of companies in this industry, also ne to be optimiz. This is ma possible by contact center systems such as Focus UK Email Database Contact Center . The main categories of system functionality are present in the following graphic: How does it look in practice? One of our clients from the transport industry is the company Dobrzeno (formerly DTS Holding), which we support in communication with clients their service. What is the scope of implementation of the Focus Contact Center system? Implementation of a system for hling notifications, which we integrat with the internal CRM system us by the employees of Dobrze.

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