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Advertising is display in the search results on the right or in the search results What are. Shopping Ads Google Shopping Product Ads Ads are display in the search results on the right or in the search results How Google Shopping works  in the search bar to purchase a product he is shown a block with offers from advertisers. If you also go to the Purchases tab. Marketplace with a large number of ads will open. You can scroll through ads view photos without going to the store pages. If you like something click on the ad find yourself in a full-flg product card where you can already order the product of interest. How Google Shopping You can publish ads of this type on different sites.

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Let’s get acquaint with them in more detail. Google Shopping Product Ads The system allows you to display ads in five places at once! Let’s see where exactly in search results Google Shopping Product Ads in the marketplace from Google In the Google Sri Lanka Phone Number List marketplace in the collections on YouTube video hosting In collections on YouTube video hosting on the Display Network On the Display Network in google images In google images it’s all call Google Shopping Shopping Ads. Facebook Product Ads This social network also has its own platform for placing ads with goods. They are configur in the internal system – the advertising account.

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The ad looks like this Facebook Product Ads Product Ads Instagram Shopping Recently a popular social network has the opportunity to use this tool. So far setting up product ads on Instagram is not very popular but you should start looking at it. An example UK Email Database of a product ad on Instagram Product Ads Instagram Shopping Have you look at the. Examples Now let’s learn how Google Shopping Ads are set up. Let’s focus on this platform as it is the most popular functional one. Preparation for the launch of product advertising First of all you ne to make sure that the site is ready for an advertising campaign.

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