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Long tail positioning – what do you ne to remember? First of all, before you start positioning for any long tail phrase, make sure that it is search by users at all . You can use keyword planning tools to test this . If you are interest in problem and information long tail phrases, you will also find tips in our article entitl What to blog about?  Don’t forget about other types of phrases. Your website should attract users regardless of what stage of the shopping path they are at ,  not only those who have already decid on a specific product or service, but also those who are just doing some research on the offer – there is a chance that they will remember your website and when they will make a decision they will come back to you.

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In addition, long tail positioning means positioning the page for a large number of complex phrases. This requires a well-thought-out site architecture – one that will allow you to add new articles and new category subpages, if necessary, corresponding to given long tail phrases . Unfortunately, there is no single instruction that will guide the France Cell Phone Number List entrepreneur step by step on how to operate in social mia. However, there are proven and already develop methods that can help achieve the intend goal,  building a community, selling services/products or building awareness about a newly creat brand. So what do we know for sure? Learn the basics of communication strategy.

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Defining the target group Before you add your first post, before you even reserve your social mia profile name, think about who your target audience is . Who do you want to target with your content? For whom should the profile name, photos, videos UK Email Database be attractive? Create a characteristic of the group you want to reach . This will be the foundation of your strategy.  Adjusting the content and photos to the recipients Once you have identifi your target audience, you ne to think about what content they will be interest in . What language to use , whether to write in a simple way, the language we use every day, use a lot of emoticons, or maybe your target group expects more serious content along with expert knowlge.


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