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However it is only today that its success is very real. All this is due to more and more efficient networks for data transmission, includ the spread of LTE technology , access to cheaper vices, communication modules or mass storage, as well as the popularization of cloud comput and Big Data . All these technologies are necessary for communication between machines on a massive scale, but above all – for efficient analysis of the data generat and collect by them. LET’S IMAGINE A WORLD… Today, of course, computers are us to analyze data, but it is the human who cis what data will be analyz and when it will take place. Man himself is inherently less efficient than machines.

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Time analysis of large data sets. Imagine a world where vices machines communicate with each other without human intervention. Our internet-connect refrigerator communicates with the nearest store and orrs the miss items to be liver to our home. At the same time, an orr is creat in the store for the wholesaler to supplement the goods, and Colombia Mobile Number List the wholesaler communicates with the manufacturer, who thanks to this gains knowlge about the mand and can produce exactly as much as the market nes – without unnecessary stocks or shortages. Another example – we are sick, and a vice monitor our health reminds us to take mication. When the drugs run out, he orrs them at the nearest pharmacy.

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Someth for drivers – we are driv on the highway, and our car sends a message to the nearest gas station about the end of fuel and the mand for the number of liters. In turn, the station, collect data from all pass cars, sends an orr to the fuel supplier, who UK Email Database in turn sends aggregat data to the manufacturer. What’s more, all messages are sent immiately, without lays, and the data is analyz in real time. Does this sound like a scene from a science fiction movie? Still so today. Does this sound like a scene from a science fiction movie? Still so today. Does this sound like a scene from a science fiction movie? Still so today.

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