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However the automation of the activities of the call center team can start small grow according to the nes of your organization. By automating even the simplest tasks, such as changing the livery date, customer service offices enter the path of changes, which can then be velop pending on the individual nes of the organization. How does it look in practice? Case study Taken care of (formerly DTS Holding) An example of the activities scrib above is the solution that we have prepar for one of our clients in the transport industry – Taken. Focus Telecom experts have introduc an IVR helpline integrat with the orr management system us by the company’s employees, thanks to which the calling customers can change the parameters of active orrs themselves.

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The telephone keypad, they can inpenntly obtain information about the status of the orr or change the livery date, much more. Two-way communication with the company’s internal system allows you to quickly verify the status of the orr bas on the Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List phone number, as well as inform the customer about it (this is where our system’s Text2Speech function works perfectly). There is no ne to involve an employee of Take care in these activities. This, in fact, simple functionality allow us to achieve 100% answerability of incoming calls. Simple repetitive matters are alt with by customers themselves, those requiring human assistance are alt with with the help of a Customer Service employee.

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Telephone call spoofing – how telecom  in the fight against it? . Homepage » Blog » Spoofing telephone calls – how telecom operators help the government in the fight against it? Crimes committ via the network are becoming an increasingly serious UK Email Database problem that affects not only subscribers, but also telecommunications operators. Worryingly common is the so-call spoofing telephone calls, which affects more more owners of mobile numbers, the amount of money extort using it is growing at an alarming rate. Therefore, both the government the mobile operators themselves are taking measures to ruce the impact of these phenomena.

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