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Going Deeper with EBooks

Others are experimenting. And the rest are watching on from the sidelines. But none can afford to ignore a trend that looks like it is here to stay. There is still some confusion new database about what exactly nfts are. What the risks are. And how brands can gain value from this new technology. This guide to promoting nfts for brands will explore each of these important questions and help you figure out if nfts are worth investing in today. We’ll also look at some brands that are exploring how to use nfts in their marketing. In some fascinating ways. Including gucci. Barbie/balmain. Stella artois.

The Importance of Having Conversations

What are nfts? Nft (usually pronounce “en eff tee”. Although a minority prefers “nifty”) stands for non-fungible token. ‘fungible’ is an odd-sounding economic term that simply means ‘mutually UK Email Database In the sense that one item can easily be exchange for another of similar value. For example. I can exchange a $10 bill for another $10 bill. Or for items that we agree equate to that value. So if a token (a unit of data) is non-fungible. It is unique and cannot be so easily exchange. It can be bought and sold for its individual value. But cannot simply be swappe with another identical token. Nfts are store on a digital leger (known as a blockchain) that is distribute across thousands of computers – and this leger cannot be altere.

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