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Currently, however, advertising on the Internet is of key importance, which means that advertising agencies must adapt their services to the requirements of digital mia. Examples of tasks carri out by advertising agencies: conducting analyzes and market research, creating visual identity, preparation of graphic designs, advertising in public space ( billboards, posters, advertising on buses), distribution of advertising leaflets, control of broadcast advertisements and their results, advertising budget control and billing, reporting of complet activities.  A marketing agency is a very general term for a company that does marketing to its clients.

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Companies of this type are responsible for preparing a marketing strategy, creating the company’s image , selecting channels and forms of advertising, and often also public relations activities . Marketing agencies also provide clients with services that allow them to implement the propos strategy. They include¬† social mia support, Facebook Ads Brazil Cell Phone Number List and Google Ads advertising campaigns, content marketing, contact with the mia and many others. Examples of tasks carri out by a marketing agency: branding activities and building brand awareness, communication with the mia, advertising in the press, radio and television, creating stands and exhibition spaces; organization of events. Advertising in the press or on TV had nothing to do with, for example, positioning of websites.

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What is an interactive agency? Interactive agencies deal with comprehensive marketing services for customers on the Internet. They bring together specialists dealing with the creation of websites, online stores and applications, web graphic UK Email Database designers, as well as copywriters and experts responsible for advertising campaigns in search engines and social mia. Unlike advertising agencies, interactive agencies usually do not deal with advertising in traditional mia, although they can prepare graphic designs for this type of campaign. Examples of tasks carri out by an interactive agency: design, implementation and maintenance of websites, online stores and applications.


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