What Documents Did You Need to Complete

The Japan Rail Pass redemption process? I only needed the passport and my Exchange Order. What they wanted to verify in my passport was that I had a Temporary Visa, which is one of the requirements to be able to exchange the ticket.

I will never forget a very bad experience – my last two days in Tokyo. We went to a beautiful and very expensive restaurant with a Michelin star. After eating we tried to pay with two different credit cards and one debit card and they were all rejected!

My partner had to wait for me in the restaurant while I went to find an ATM so that I could pay at the restaurant.

Do you remember having any problems during your stay there

My best advice is born from this experience: always Whatsapp Mobile Number List carry money with you! The cheapest place to withdraw money is the Post Office since they are the ones that charge the lowest commissions.

It is best to carry cash with you as many ATMs do not work with Western credit/debit cards.

What advice would you give to those who are thinking of doing this type of trip?
What I did was look for everything online, visit different websites with information related to my interests.

What do you consider to have been your biggest mistake during your stay in the country or before embarking on the trip?
That I never checked the schedule of the last train. I once redeemed my ticket 10 minutes after the train had left, so I had to stay an extra day in Tokyo. Be very careful!

Shinkansen bullet trains What has been your favorite train experience

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Trains that don’t have wheels. It was amazing to see UK Email Database something like that! It seems unreal. And of course when we went from Tokyo to Osaka; we traveled so fast that it seemed the speed of light, I was very impressed.

There are many great things in Japan but Tokyo, Shibuya Crossing, Osaka and Kyoto are must-sees! If you like eating meat as much as I do, look for the best meat restaurants in the country. It is also impressive to see the largest fish market in the world.

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