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Therefore, remember about this step take a moment to specify your recipients, their requirements, habits habits that may be important in the context of the advertising message. Take care of the visual aspect Graphic creations are the most important part of advertising. They are the ones that attract the attention of users allow them to get to know your company better. They are also a chance to make your br st out get stuck in the minds of consumers. So make sure that the images you upload are of the highest quality Graphics us in responsive display ads should primarily be clear aesthetic.

Avoid blurry images with unwelcoming

Colors Also remember to respect the requir dimensions. Recommend image sizes are x pixels or x pixels. Eye-pleasing ads increase your chances of increasing conversions. Create a coherent whole that will be attractive to users encourage them to get to know El Salvador Phone Number List your br. However, do not forget about creativity – original graphic creations are able to help you st out from the competition. Also remember to adapt the images to the pre-defin target group. Use elements that may be relevant valuable to them. Influence your recipients with positive associations take care of their feelings towards the advertisement.

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Use interesting headlines text In addition

To graphic elements, responsive display advertising also consists of written content. The headlines texts us are design to provide your recipients with the most important information about the product, service or br in general. It is therefore worth designing UK Email Database them in such a way that they are as effective as possible. The headline of the ad is the first content, right after the graphic creation, that catches the eye of the user. It is therefore worth preparing several unique versions that will not be repeat. Thanks to this, you are able to ensure the effectiveness of messages refer to the most important aspects. The headline should be clear transparent. Bet on simple text that relates to your offer.

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