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On the weaker part of the base If we have more nonexistent numbers so that agents do not wait the algorithm selects more connections. How to prevent such a situation? Certainly, in the first place acquire databases from reliable sources. If there are mobile numbers in the database you can check their activity in HLR. c) when a large part of the cast goes on a break the spe algorithm will not stop immiately. It will take a while for it to adjust to the ruc number of agents, which will result in more dropp calls. A good pricitve “learns” the work of agents and can recognize when agents usually go on a break. He will be able to anticipate such situations.

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Agents from leav at once without your supervisor’s approval. A good contact center system allows you to fine the socall conditional breaks the agent will not go on a break without the consent of the supervisor, if, for example, other people are Poland Mobile Number List on a break. Preview, progressive, prictive mos differences in operation What to do in an emergency? It happen We are in an emergency situation, or we are expect one. The number has already been blacklist, or we expect the number to be reject because we are cold call or bt collection. In such a situation, we can use a random number change.

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The system will select which number to present yourself with. In addition, if you manag to call someone, we will present you with the same number for each subsequent call, so that the interlocutor already knows who is call him. And what if one of the UK Email Database numbers hits some portal with an unflatter opinion? It can be add to the list of contaminat numbers and easily exclud from use from all or select actions. Voila! All that remains is to focus on the effectiveness of our campaign and the implementation of the assum plan. We write about the ways of select the dial mo for the campaign hereHandl no contact is a pain for many companies.

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