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How is data storage organiz? All data should be stor in multiple copies on different servers. Then even the failure of one or more of them will not cause a break in work and data loss. Is the contact center system monitor ? Employees of the service provir should keep track of all parameters that may affect the security and availability of the service, such as: equipment load; call quality; IP link status. The employees themselves, however, are only human and therefore, to ensure the safety of your contact center, they should use an automatic monitor system that watches hours a day and informs about potential threats. Bas on its alarms, a cision may be ma to disconnect from a given Internet connection or telecommunications route.

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About procures for operat in crisis situations (so-call disaster recovery). If the worst happen and the entire system went down, how quickly would it be able to recover? Does Senegal Mobile Number List the contact center service provir guarantee you an SLA? The Service Level Agreement fines the time in which the supplier will respond to a system fault, pend on its impact on your contact center (it usually has more time for minor failures than for complete system failures), and, separately, the time for its removal. You should have it guarante in writ. What does the physical security of the servers on which your data and system are stor.

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Fire protection, cool, power supply, alarms, security personnel, etc. come into play here. Many specializ parameters that are worth your time to explore. In orr not to get fragment, pay attention to whether the data centers where the servers are locat UK Email Database have ISO security certifications. If so, you can count on them to resemble fortresses. Ially, servers are locat in more than one data center. Then, even if one of them is completely stroy or cut off, the system works on the others. Secure contact center – summary You already know what to pay attention to when plann a contact center that is to be safe in every respect.

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