Analyze The Visibility Of Your Website

Therefore by analyzing these statistics, you can be sure that your ads are. Try to increase the display rates for both variants, however, for the highest position on the page, we do not recommend striving to achieve 100% of the result. Share of impressions on the search network Impression share on the search network is the percentage of impressions your ads could receive compar to the total number of impressions during the time period. A low impression share on the search network indicates that your ads may appear more often. If you want to increase this factor, increase your daily budgets or click bids. Additionally, you may want to consider whether location targeting is too broad.

Limiting the targeting should intensify

Delivery in the left regions therefore increase the impression share. Why do we analyze? Why is Google Ads account performance analysis important? To answer this question, I’ll use an example: You run an online store with garden accessories. Analyzing France Phone Number List the performance at the level of a campaign that sells tools of one category, you see that the cost per conversion is PLN 22.65. Pretty good result in my opinion. Due to the fact that you know how to effectively analyze a Google Ads account, you decide to go deeper. When you go to the ad group level with analytics, you see this.

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The margin have conversion on the product

Here it does not look so good – two high  costs Knowing , you see that you do not earn, even pay extra to the business. If it wasn’t for your habit of analyzing all levels of your account knowing the metrics important to your business, you could UK Email Database enjoy a “good” cost per conversion. Instead, you plan optimization activities. You probably want to move to the keyword level right away, even go deeper. Wondering why ad groups are underperforming what to do about them. Try to optimize them? Should I stop promoting these products? A properly conduct analysis of the effectiveness of a Google Ads account will provide you with information whether.

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