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Combining Multidirectional calls Regardless of how the to the housing. Communal services or the management company allequests fall into a single database thanks to which an electronic queue is built the degree of importance of the task is. Determin managers employees receive tasks that are evenly distribut among them. This way no calls will be ignor employees will not be overload with work the likelihood of managerial errors will be significantly ruc. Data Loss Prevention Due to the maintenance of an electronic database of residents the preservation of workflow other tools data loss is almost impossible.

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Company a protection system is carefully. Thought out a backup of data is made with the possibility of recovery in case of damage. Any leaks loss of information are prevent. CRM functions for a management company CRM. Functions for a management Russia Phone Number List company Automation of the. Management company occurs through the implementation of CRM. It includes a set of tools features that allow you to solve many tasks automate processes improve interaction with residents fully control management. The functionality can be very different it depends on the nes of a particular company.

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Distributing tasks among employees

The optimal set of CRM functions for housing communal services is as follows fields for registering residents’ requests online the ability to make a call or write a message; informing residents; control of execution of works; schuling the work UK Email Database of specialists; assignment of masters to specific tasks; drawing up a plan for the implementation Individual CRM. Wezom offers CRM development services for a management company  for housing. Communal services management companies from Wezom Individual CRM for housing communal services. Management companies from Wezom of applications creating electronic queues. Schuling work perform in your personal account; document management tools exchange of receipts certificates introduction of template documents for filling.

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