Customer orientation is obvious. Without it, there is no money in the company, so make sure that each of your meetings is remembered positively. Every year, dozens of new opportunities appear in the Google AdWords system. The year 2017 did not disappoint in this respect – the changed panel interface, Smart Display Campaigns, flexible daily budgets, promotion extension are some of the most important novelties. In the article, I will present a summary of the most important changes from last year. I invite you to read! 1. Redesign of the AdWords panel interface The new interface of the AdWords panel is definitely the most important novelty.

Work on it began in March 2016

After testing it was made available systematically on all accounts in the first half of last year. The refreshed interface significantly differs in appearance and has a number of functionalities not available in the previous version, including: an “overview” page, call rate adjustment, demographic targeting based on household income, audience Latest Mailing Database management and promotion extensions. Source: adwordsoogleblog, 05/01/2018. As Google declares, the new interface is faster, more intuitive and makes work easier. Unnecessary elements have been removed from it, and navigation has been improved. In fact, working in the new panel can cause a lot of difficulties at the very beginning, but it’s worth getting used to, because in the coming months we can expect to disable access to the older version.

IF function in text ads January2017

Latest Mailing Database

The first novelty from the beginning of the year was the introduction of text ads with the option to customize ads using the “if” function. It allows you to display specific information based on the declared conditions. Currently supported terms apply to device type (mobile) and audience lists (similar audiences, combined audience lists, website UK Email Database users and customer lists). Source: own, 05/01/2018. Thanks to the IF function, advertisers can automatically adjust the advertising. Message depending on what type of recipient or from what device they are looking for information. Without creating unnecessary copies of the advertisement. The feature can be used in both the ad headline and the description.