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Do not forget that your main addressee is the reader – so keep like “cocoa cake recipe” over over is likely to scare your guests prevent them from perceiving the content – it’s better to just write “cocoa cake recipe”. In terms of blog positioning, it is also worth mentioning the difference between the SEO title the itorial title The first one is the title attribute , which can be conveniently it by SEO plugins. It should include the most important keywords in a natural way (not after a comma), but clearly specifically indicating the subject of the article. The effect is visible in the top bar of the browser in Google search results. The second of the titles – itorial – is display at the beginning of the entry.

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Can be longer than the title much more natural. It should be an incentive to start reading the content. It is worth including one key keyword for the article. URL addresses also play an important role in blog positioning. Ideally, the address of the Japan Phone Number List entry should be as simple as possible, addressbloga.pl/adres-wpisu/ contain a keyword. Take care of the hierarchy of content Your blog entry should look like a magazine article or book. There is only one title, therefore the H heading can appear only once, at the very beginning. Separate the main thematic blocks with subheadings, H headings. A more detail breakdown is the H headings. However, remember not to overdo it not to fragment the content.

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Words are particularly important highlight

If in a given paragraph one sentence or a few them in bold, using the strong tag. It’s good to have a keyword in the bold fragments from time to time. Remember the graphics! Photos or other types of illustrations are a very important element UK Email Database of any blog – they attract attention constitute a kind of “rest zone” for the reader’s eyesight. They can also be us in blog positioning. It is enough to put keywords (of course in the most natural way possible) in the descriptions of alternative graphics file names. Unfortunately, poorly optimiz images can adversely affect the positioning overall reception of the blog. If you do not adjust the size of the graphics to the places where they are display you unnecessarily.

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