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Accenture 2013). In view of such expectations. Omnichannel becomes the stard in service . Its implementation is possible with the use of multi-channel communication platforms containing a CRM system that integrates records data from each channel. Personalization = perfect customer service In the second , of course. Subsequent contacts of the customer with the company (in the case of online sales, it may even be the first contact with the customer service. Partment after a single purchase in a given store), customers expect that the customer service. Partment will communicate using all the information that the company has about them . this is the most legitimate expectation in the era of growing respect for personal data.

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Outsi mobile lines. Here are the top 6 reasons why it’s the perfect. Communication solution for your business. Did you know that the host PBX market will reach $9.5 billion by 2023 ? PBX equals cost ruction Savings in relation to the cost Conduit CN of telephone communication with a traditional fix-line exchange range from 50-85%, according to research by. Telecommunications equipment suppliers. You save at the start, because you do not incur costs relat to the purchase of a physical exchange for your company’s headquarters.

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Solution – the already mention connection of communication with the CRM system the call notes system customer intification (automatic recognition by the communication after which. The service employee immiately sees customer cards on his screen with complete information about them. 6. Personalization stationary UK Email Database exchange, mornization. With today’s pace of innovation, stationary equipment will age in two years, maintenance service. These remain on the si of the service provir. You don’t have to pay for additional. Service or have a separate server room. power supply power protection for the control panel – the problem disappears.  PBX eliminates a number of problems that st in the way of your business velopment.

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