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When queu by customer priority, calls are prioritiz to people with the closest skill level to those requir for that contact. Then, among the group of these people, calls in the most difficult cases or from the most important clients go to the most professional agents, calls in morately complex cases – to agents with average competence, and calls in simple cases or from the least promis clients – to novice agents. This guarantees the best service to the best customers and at the same time saves the time and energy of the best agents . Facilitat remote work Incom phone queu allows you to combine a group of phones us by a given employee with one internal number, a work landline phone, a work mobile phone.

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Mobile phone and even, for example, a wife’s mobile phone. pend on the select strategy, incom calls to work numbers can be rout: first to the work landline, then to the work mobile, then to the home phone and finally to the private mobile. simultaneously Hong Kong Phone Numbers List to all phones , when the call is from a very important customer – this will allow you to pick up the first phone that is at hand and ruce the risk that the customer will get impatient and end the call. Handl emergency situations When there is an exceptionally long queue of clients wait for a connection, you can run the so-call transfer queues . They rirect calls that would take too long to connect to other partments or remote workers.

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The agents to whom calls were originally intend to be forward, but they are able to answer basic questions and ruce the annoyance of wait customers. Transfer queues are us in situations such as the unexpect absence of some agents or UK Email Database customers’ interest in a promotion exce expectations. Organiz multi-channel communication Should you respond to the customer’s email first, or to the request via the web form? Queu on multi-channel communication platforms such as Focus Contact Center eliminates similar dilemmas.

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