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Conversations from a more experienc employee? Thanks to monitoring, you can quickly react to such a situation and choose appropriate countermeasures before the problem becomes serious. wallboard Live monitoring is associat with an inseparable element of a call contact center – a board on which the results of consultants’ work are record, a wallboard . In the latest solutions, it is a screen displaying live operating parameters. On the wallboard, you can display any statistics, usually those most important for employees: sales numbers, length of telephone queue, number of resolv cases, percentage of daily, weekly or monthly goals achiev. With monitoring shown in this way, you can effectively motivate employees – knowing how much.

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The plan they will work more intensively and more efficiently. They will also know if they are lagging behind their colleagues and will be able to quickly prevent this. Employee goals – KPIs Setting goals for employees is the norm in every company – that’s Greece Mobile Number List why your call contact center system should also have such functionality. Thanks to this, both you and the employee will monitor the gree of implementation of the plan on an ongoing basis. And a properly set system will notify both you and the consultant – when the goal is achiev, or when the employee has to give his best to be on time.

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Goals and monitoring them is also forecasting – a function that a call contact center program should have. Knowing the forecasts and the results so far, you are able to prict whether the consultant will manage to achieve the goal and encourage UK Email Database him accordingly. Notifications The aforemention notifications (alerts) are also a great monitoring tool. You can set them so that they inform, for example, that an employee has not return from a break at the appoint time. Or that the queue of people waiting for a connection is getting longer. Or that no one has alt with the customer’s complaint.

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