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The number or percentage of cases fully resolv dur the first. Call with the consultant Customer satisfaction – measur by. Surveys (usually automatic) follow a conversation with a consultant The quality of the consultant’s work assess through call center monitor . Observation and evaluation of records. b) availability Service level the percentage of calls answer within the company’s acceptable wait time for the customer to answer the call Average spe of answer (ASA) Average wait time for a conversation with a consultant (average wait time, AWT) the average time count from the beginn of the connection (time spent on IVR is includ.

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The percentage of calls that are not handl. up by the. Consultant Efficiency and profitability (outbound) Hit rate – the percentage of calls answer by. Customers in the pool of all calls ma by the consultant. Conversion Peru Mobile Number List rate – the percentage of calls that result in a sale. Contact rate the. Percentage of successful calls (. receiv and with a conversation) in the pool of clos records (. those that are no longer process in a given campaign) Efficiency – the percentage of connections that end positively in the pool of all clos records Calls per record – the average number of attempts to connect to a record.

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Performance (inbound and outbound) Average talk time. Average call handl time after the call (ang. after call work time or call wrapup time) work time of the agent with the record after the end of the conversation with the client. Mak notes from UK Email Database the call. Average handl time (AHT) – the sum of two indicators average call time and average call handl time after the call. Adherence to schule Number of calls per hour, receiv or ma (call per hour, CPH) – the number of calls ma per hour by one agent or the number of minutes of calls dur an agent’s work hour.

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