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It waits when the number is call and manually ends the call in the case of voicemail, no answer or busy number. The agent participates in the connection process, he must click “call” and wait for the other party to answer. Preview dial risks Here, however, it is worth pay attention to a potential problem in this mo, the agent can inpenntly avoid contacts that he does not like. If the contact does not answer, the agent repeats the operation. In this mo, there is little scope for optimization and a lot of room for “creative” agents who do not like to overwork themselves. Certainly, this mo requires managerial monitor.

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The agent cannot omit a given telephone number and does not ci when the call should start the time for gett to know the customer’s data is pretermin in the system by the administrator and after its expiry, the next number is call. Similarly to the preview Philippines Mobile Number List mo, the agent manually terminates miss calls, voicemails or busy numbers. Progressive dial risks In this mo, workflow is more efficientup the phone. Programm dial prictive dial The mo in which the system learns the work pace and availability of individual agents and on this basis termines the moment of call the next telephone number. Agents do not have the ability to ci which numbers and when to call.

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Likely to be available in a moment, . while the previous call is still in progress. Miss calls, calls to voicemails, answer machines or busy numbers are automatically filter out by the system. Only calls answer by clients are forward to agents. Prictive UK Email Database dial allows you to This is due to the elimination of the initial r period from the agents’ work time, . the period when the call is wait and when there are calls to voicemails, answer machines or busy numbers. Agents al only with conversations and their summaries. In the case of unsuccessful connection attempts, the system automatically sets a new contact date.

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