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Implementation of the Focus Contact Center software and its. Integration with Salesforce CRM in orr to discover the potential of the sales partment and customer. Service in the B B industry. Supplier: Focus Telecom A lear on the Polish market in the velopment and. Distribution of Cloud Contact Center (CTI) solutions and integrat. Customer Service Systems for the business sector (B B). Winner of many awards for achievements in the field of innovative communication and sales solutions. Recipient: ATM SA – owner of the. Atman brand The lear of the Polish market of data process centers, provid services of cisive importance for companies operat in various sectors of the economy, regardless of their size.

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Enterprises in the area of: data storage and proces. Telecommunications, IT outsourc, safety. Origin of the project: State before implementation Like many entities on the market, ATM SA communicat with customers bas on the technology of a fix Belarus Mobile Number List telephone exchange. This solution had several serious flaws on two levels: operational: change management requir support by the IT partment and the ne to involve sub-suppliers in simple administrative activities, lack of integration with various systems in the organization (includ Salesforce CRM); business: no real-time.

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The Customer Service and Telephone Sales partment. Functional limitations of the headquarters itself – not adapt to business nes ( no agent panel, no campaign, no possibility to support external agents), inability to integrate processes with Sales UK Email Database Cloud Salesforce CRM and the relat ne to duplicate activities. ATM SA runs a very sensitive. Business because it manages data entrust by other customers, therefore complete data security is a key. Condition for introduc changes relat to the implementation of new technologies. In , the company implement the CRM – Salesforce system, which open up completely new possibilities relat to the multidimensional integration of individual ATM systems.

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