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However Piotr Prokocki claims thattax authorities have other legal tools that allow them to challenge such actions. They include the “small” tax circumvention clause provid for in Art. c of the CIT Act. Therefore, there is no ne for  to use a tool that is not provid for in the Act or in the EU directive. Meet TAX Alert a breakthrough solution for accounting offices tax offices! Thanks to TAX Alert, you can quickly prepare send your customers a newsletter about changes in law taxes Links in the text of the article may refer directly to the relevant documents in the LEX program You must be logg in to view these documents Access to the content of documents in the LEX program depends on the licenses you have.

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Print add COMMENT Read also Withholding tax regulations have been relax, but the risk of fines remains high CIT TAX ADVISOR POLISH ŁAD At the beginning of January, new regulations regarding withholding tax came into Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List force. In principle, they were suppos to introduce many simplifications. However, it turns out that the amendment did not solve the most important problems. According to experts, the tax practice is also a big problem. As a result, companies are unnecessarily expos to liability under the Fiscal Penal Code.

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February In January, ne to take an interest in the deadlines for withholding tax CIT TAX ADVISOR ECONOMIC LAW has been a year of turmoil, change uncertainty for withholding tax payers. On January , payers start using UK Email Database the pay refund mechanism. However, the interpretation practice of applying the law by the tax authorities have revis the thinking on the operation of the WHOSC declaration system, write Konrad Moliński Paweł Wyciślik from MDDP Michalik Dłuska Dzizic i Partnerzy. Konrad Moliński, Paweł Wycislik January , Withholding tax settlement is becoming more more friendly TAX The January amendment to the tax regulations introduc changes to the withholding tax. validity of submitt declarations.

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