On what basis to estimate the score of a prospect

Reflect your visual identity By creating a layout design on your website, you will customize all the visual elements of a website (colors, fonts, navigation menu, Call To Action, etc.). All these elements are personalized according to your graphic charter in order to reflect the visual identity of your company. Differentiate your brand from the competition In Digital Marketing, you have to give a lot of importance to the visual aspect of a brand. Customizing your layouts isn’t just to make it look better or more beautiful. This is a necessary step in building a strong brand .

You want to stand out from your competitors

so why download a theme within everyone’s reach? Optimize your marketing strategy
Highlighting your offer on a personalized website always has more impact than on a template… Themes can save you valuable time, but they weren’t designed for your marketing strategy.

If you are an entrepreneur and you use a Albania Phone Number List theme from a library, it is surely to save time.

On the one hand, you are right! Creating your own theme requires time, web design skills, as well as natural referencing…

But beware, free or licensed themes do not necessarily reflect the vision of your project.

In the majority of cases, WordPress themes are either

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Generalists: Design has no specific themes… These themes are often the problem.
Nested: some themes are thematic, but UK Email Database the layouts are not “in line” with your strategy.
On the same subject : How to  easily create a website with WordPress
3. Master your natural referencing
The choice of your WordPress theme also impacts your natural referencing .

Here are at least 4 reasons:

The theme may have 301 redirect issues (Yes, I’ve seen it before…)
It may include security flaws (but I will come back to this below),
It may include zombie pages. These pages are useless, whether for Internet users or for Google,
Finally, it can generate X category pages (often empty)…
This is usually due to poor management of PHP code…


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