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As a result of such a mol, rigidly fin work hours and employee availability are blurr. Not safe consumer Whether the use of private vices will br the same benefits to the company pends, however, on maintain security procures. The implementation of these procures should be carri out by the IT partment of a given company, which will thus termine who, on what vices and on what terms, will have access to company information. Legal personal data protection and tax issues should not be unrestimat. The security threats themselves can take many forms – from the operation of operat systems on tablets and smartphones iOS Android.

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The management of applications, through the lack of security of the vices themselves an open door for malwareor intentional attacks to loss, theft of equipment or termination of an employee’s contract. The IT partment should be prepar to react in Belgium Mobile Number List each of the indicat situations. The most important th in this case is secur access to data from the application level – by assign access to specific resources only to a select group of users, implement a VPN it will not always be possible, virtualiz sktops or monitor user activity. Consumerization and what next? Consumerization can br many benefits to the employer, provid that the rules for the use of private vices in the company are clearly fin.

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Especially since the forecasts indicate an upward trend. The Cisco IBSG Horizons Study , conduct in the first half of , show that of companies accept employees us their own equipment at work, and of companies around the world anticipate UK Email Database an increase in the number of employee-own vices that will be connect to the corporate network. Therefore, there is noth else but to introduce company regulations in this regard today, before the problem of data security meets us personally.

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