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Employees – and you entrust this information to the service provir, who entrusts it to someone else. This also applies to the operation of the system itself – communication and information flow are essential for the operation of the company. The servers on which the system runs must be reliable and secure. If they are handl by a subcontractor, how can you check them? Also remember about the protection of personal data. In accordance with applicable law, when submitt a database to GIODO, you are oblig to indicate all places where personal data will be process. In your case, also server locations.

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May have a hard time find them. And if, additionally, the European Union, it means additional restrictions in the process of personal data and additional problems and headaches for you. Does the cloud solution actually give you in Portugal Mobile Number List the cloud? “Cloud comput” is a password-key – just as recently everyth had to be “e” (e-office, e-payment, e-service, e-hologram ), now every service is “in the cloud”. However, it often happens that the cloud service provir simply does not provi. Instead, unr the guise of a “cloud”, you actually receive an offer for leas a server where your system and data are stor.

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Naturally each such server is a cost, plus its service and support. As a result, what you get unr the guise of the cloud is colocation – that is, you have “your” leas server somewhere in some data center. The biggest disadvantage of such a solution is the UK Email Database lack of rundancy, duplication of your data and the system, which is a standard in a real cloud solution. So when someth happens to “your” leas server, you lose access to the service. To ensure security result from rundancy in a colocation solution, you must lease another server. There is also a risk that both “your” servers will be stand next to each other, so in the event of a failure you will lose your system and data anyway.

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