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Lack of competence Accord to the report of the Polish. Forum Call Center On the other si of the handset. The image of the call center industry in the eyes of the interviewees % of responnts believe that competences are the most valuable feature of people work in a contact center. Competences build trust, and this increases cribility and, accord to. The article by Grażyna Królik, The role of trust in interpersonal relations as a terminant of team effectiveness , the scope of real influence. Thus, the incompetence of employees who are unable to. Answer the client is one of the biggest mistakes that can be ma in customer service. How to fend against it? The best way to al with incompetence is to simply screen conversations.

And this is not about paranoid control

But about evaluation , which will be possible. Thanks to the monitor of conversations. At the moment, call records should be the service standard. Especially since they are an invaluable source of knowlge for consultants and an excellent train Croatia Mobile Number List material. And in orr to avoid errors on an ongo basis, the ial solution is the possibility of eavesdropp on conversations by the manager or even the possibility of live hints if the consultant is unable to help the client on his own. . Repeat contact on the same matter Another th that drives customers crazy is repeat contact about the same issue and the ne to constantly scribe it.

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This is confirm by the Accenture

Global Consumer Pulse Survey , which examin the impact of the quality of services provid by provirs of telecommunications, electricity and gas services on customer loyalty. Interestly, % of responnts cid to change supplier within a year of the survey. The UK Email Database reason for this was the necessity of multiple contact in the same matter , which was indicat by % of responnts. On the other hand, % were annoy by hav to constantly tell different consultants about the case . The same results were obtain by the results of a study by the Interactive Institute for Market Research, commission by Interactive Intelligence. How can you al with it? The answer is actually trivial – connect with the same consultant.

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