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Lead them to the very end of the sales road Facebook. Remarketing Facebook offers an excellent tool to support remarketing campaigns: Pixel In this way, you can easily reach a specific group of recipients personalize your advertising message Dynamic ads can generate warm traffic on your store’s website, thus will translate into specific purchasing decisions Tailoring the content of your ads to specific groups of Facebook users will convince them to make a purchase from your store faster than in the case of campaigns focus on general customer acquisition A hful of statistics on remarketing At first, user-responsive ads seem too scary In the first phase of the introduction of this technology, many Internet.

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The help of the developer solves this problem. This can also be done by the site administrator The mention events that the pixel registers are, for example: ViewContent – ​​recording product pages visit by users, AddToCart – registering an event after adding a product to the cart, Purchase – an event register after the purchase process has been complet Finland Mobile Number List For dynamic remarketing to work properly, it is also necessary to monitor the following variables: currency – currency, value – price or order value, contentide – Product ID The. Specialist who deals with the configuration of Facebook Ads dynamic remarketing must also have access to the product catalog This catalog is the equivalent of a product file belonging to the Google Ads advertising system The content of the product catalog includes.

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But are still fairly general in nature MoFu (Middle of the Funnel) , the middle part of the funnel, gathers users who already know how to solve the problem study the. Market At this stage, remarketing activities gain momentum BoFu (Bottom of the Funnel) , the lower part of the funnel, where there are people close to finalizing the transaction They already want UK Email Database to make a transaction, but they still ne a justification to do so The bottom of the funnel, ie people who made a purchase on your website However, this does not mean that you can forget about them Keep reminding them about your br They will certainly come back then make more transactions At each stage of the funnel, some users drop out or go to competitors Thanks to the use of Facebook remarketing, you can keep much more customers.

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