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On that part of the income earn in that month that did not exce , percent. on the surplus over  for the months following the month in which the second tax threshold is exce percent. income earn in a given month from this payer. As already mention, the rules for calculating the tax according to the tax scale applicable from July apply to income earn from January , so the final tax settlement will take place in the tax return for The Ministry of Finance admits that such a situation may occur the situation that the monthly salary in July the following months of the year will be lower than in June, but this will not mean a loss in the annual settlement for Although some taxpayers will pay higher PIT advances from July.

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Not lose or benefit from the new tax solutions that came into force on July ,The reason for the increase in the amount of PIT advances since July is the repeal of the provision that froze PIT advances at the level of last year’s advances. As a result, they Armenia Mobile Number List were collect at a lower rate than they should have been. See also From July , some taxpayers may pay higher PIT advances Of course, the method of collecting advances is chang accordingly if the taxpayer submits a declaration to the remitter that he intends to tax his income together with his tax according to the scale gives you the opportunity to take advantage of reliefs. The duction is made in the annual tax return.

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Children rehabilitation relief then we duct expenses relat to disability, payments to IKZE, as well as expenses for the Internet. Read also Relief for working seniors Links in the text of the article may refer directly to the relevant documents in the LEX program You must be logg in to view these documents Access to the content of documents in UK Email Database the LEX program depends on the licenses you have. Authors Krzysztof Koślicki , Krzysztof Kazmierski Share the article Print add to Favorites COMMENT Read also PIT Transfer of percent. tax does not ruce the amount to be refund HOME PIT FINANCES Specifying in the annual tax return PIT a public benefit organization to which the head of the tax office is to transfer percent.

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