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However it is also increasly us in other industries occasional – communication on the occasion of current events, holidays, promotions and other important occasions. It can have a different purpose – from purely sales to maintain a relationship with the brand. Campaigns: actions relat to the send of e-mail messages – plann for one or several views, sometimes combin an e-mail communication channel with another, with a subsequent telephone or SMS campaign. In all these activities, we can be help by a system (in the minimal version, market automation , and in the ial version, CRM combin with a multi-channel communication system ), which automates and supports e-mail campaigns.

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Will be properly plann and execut, less time-consum and much more effective than a “manual” action. . Don’t forget about multichannel Plan email market also as an element of build customer relations and image campaign. Also remember Changsha Mobile Phone Number List about other communication channels and link them with e-mail communication. Combine email campaigns with social mia activities. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to create a community around the brand. Also, remember to adapt your e-mails to mobile vices (over % of e-mail communication is read by recipients on mobile vices). . Use the information you get from email market Test different campaigns.

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See what works for your customers

Monitor the Open Rate in your system and draw conclusions from the reports. This will help you plan future campaigns and tailor them to the nes UK Email Database of your customers. If you follow the above rules and direct your campaigns only to people who have given their consent – your email market will be a useful and effective sales support tool for you. As many as % of recipients open market messages from senrs they have subscrib to (Marketo). So if you offer your audience good and interest content, you have a chance of high conversion .

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